Gandhian Engineering is not just for the poor

October 14, 2008 9:45 am. I arrive at the NCL office in Pune. I have planned to be a little early for my meeting with Dr. R. A. Mashelkar. It will give me time to set up my
equipment and get ready for interviewing Dr. Mashelkar. Just as I get down from my car, Dr. Mashelkar arrives too. His broad smile welcomes me even before his warm
greetings. “I decided to come a few minutes early, to finish some work. That way we will not be interrupted during our discussion.”

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Nanotechnology: Enabling a Revolution in Nanomedicine

Fifty years after US physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman predicted “There is plenty of room at the bottom”, nanotechnology, the science of matter on the scale of atoms, has arrived with a bang and is beginning to impact all aspects of our society and all industrial sectors (for reference 1nm=1 billionth of a metre; a piece of paper is 100,000 nanometres thick).  Read more >

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The Symbiotic Relationship of Big Pharma and Biotech

The biotech industry is perceived as the “little guy” in the overall scheme of delivering new medicines. Biotech companies are small and lack resources but are portrayed as quick and agile. They are thought of as decisive, not bureaucratic; scientifically smart, not stuck-in-the-mud. Big Pharma are contrasted as slow Goliaths. Read more >

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The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future

In the course of our research for IBM’s inaugural Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, we conducted face-to-face interviews with nearly 400 senior supply chain executives from 25 countries and 29
different industries.

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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Technologies


Liberalization of economies across the globe has brought packaging technology to the forefront. Packaging being pervasive, in today’s business plays an important role and each member in the supply chain looks forward ‘to use packaging as a strategic tool for business development and improved business performance 1 under the present and future needs’.

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Dispelling the Myths About Pharmaceutical R &D


Innovative research is done mainly by taxpayer funded research – government and universities funded by the NIH usually in universities and government labs and now in smaller biotech companies and then they license those to big drug companies.

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Trials and tribulations of clinical research teaching and training


Clinical research institutions have mushroomed in the country, though there is a generalized lack of experienced faculty. This in turn affects the quality of people that the industry requires, in order to ensure a high growth rate of the industry. The industry, in addition to facing a severe crunch of high quality professionals, is also suffering from attrition that is a common feature. To improve overall standards of professionals entering clinical research, institutes and the industry need to get together and work in close co-operation.

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