Empowering Consumers to make Safer Buying Decisions

With breakthrough research and development in nanotechnology and an emphasis on creating cost-effective solutions, Bilcare has created a first-of-its-kind nonClonableID™ Authentication Technology. It provides a comprehensive solution for Brand Protection and an indispensable means for building consumer confidence. Find out how our unique technology provides increased brand security for brand owners and empowers consumers to authenticate a product in real-time.
nonClonableID Technologies

Bilcare Technologies is a research and technology leader focused on creating next-generation anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection solutions for a broad range of industry sectors.

Bilcare Technologies is a business unit of Bilcare Ltd. – an innovation-led solutions provider that partners with the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to improve patient healthcare outcomes.

With breakthrough research and development in micro and nanotechnology, Bilcare Technologies has developed a first-of-its-kind technology – nonClonableID™. The solution enables products to be authenticated as they move through the supply chain to the end consumer.

India, Bilcare Technologies combines its innovative approach with in-depth business knowledge in brand protection and supply chain integrity to offer solutions tailored to varying client requirements.

We are firmly committed to helping our clients accomplish their business goals while protecting their brands against counterfeiting. With its affordability, security and ease of use, nonClonableID™ is a potent tool for the global economy in its fight against counterfeiting.

About nonClonableID™

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ comprises of a unique fingerprint that can be seamlessly integrated with products, ID cards and documents to provide a totally secure and reliable identification and authentication solution.

nonClonableID™ employs unique materials-based fingerprints that are prohibitively difficult to copy. These tamper-evident fingerprints are irreproducible and cannot be duplicated even by Bilcare.

Features of nonClonableID™

  • Unique fingerprints generated out of randomly distributed micro and nano particles
  • Machine-readable fingerprints enable an objective and reliable authentication process
  • Real-time authentication through hand-held portable readers
  • Fingerprints can be integrated with overt systems like barcodes/ RFID tags etc. and within any existing software/hardware infrastructure>
  • Proprietary scanning device scans the fingerprint and instantly communicates the encrypted information with a secure server through mobility platforms such as GPRS, 3G or Broadband.
  • Complete authentication report on a mobile or computer using robust web enterprise secured applications and data management at back-end


  • ID Security
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Secure Track-n-trace
  • e-Pedigree
  • Secure POS Information

nonClonableID™ Architecture for Authentication

nonClonable™ Architecture for Authentication

Solution Offerings


Bilcare offers a comprehensive brand security solution with multiple checkpoints within the pharmaceutical supply chain to identify counterfeits. It can also address unauthorized activities of players within the legal pharmaceutical supply chain. Bilcare’s solution ensures enhanced brand recognition in the marketplace, brand loyalty from patients and an eco-system that discourages counterfeiters.

Medical Compliance

Patient Compliance

Bilcare’s solution ensures proper dispensation of medication and compliance with medication regimen. It also creates the capability to monitor compliance on a real-time basis.

Clinicom Solution

nonClonableID™ enhances the positive outcome of clinical trials by verifying the authenticity of origin and pedigree of a drug in the clinical trial phase through its advanced Clinicom solution.


Bilcare offers a holistic solution to combat Agrochemical counterfeiting through the implementation of its unique nonClonableID™ technology. Integrated as unit-level tags, nonClonableID™ enables identification, authentication and brand protection. With increased visibility across the supply chain, consignments can be tracked down to individual Stock Keeping Units.

High value components and luxury goods

Bilcare offers a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution for the high value components and luxury goods industries. nonClonableID™ enables identification, authentication and brand protection with e-pedigree and secure track-and-trace capabilities. It enables increased visibility across the supply chain, providing insight and agility to manage risks and tackle issues of diversion and theft.

Heritage assets

Bilcare offers an integrated authentication and inventory system for the protection of heritage assets. Bilcare’s solution involves tagging artifacts with a machine-readable nonClonableID™ tag that contains a unique security fingerprint. This tag can be authenticated in real-time through custom-made handheld portable readers. Bilcare’s solution builds transparency in the inventory tracking system with real-time tracking of the location of artifacts.


Bilcare’s solution can provide services, individuals or facilities with an irreproducible identity that can be used by Government departments for authentication purposes.

Focus areas in the Government sector:

Document Security

Real-time identification and authentication of documents to protect the integrity of valuable documents and prevent forgery, manipulation and misuse.

Security Forces Duty Management

Secure authentication and verification of security personnel prevents impersonation and promotes efficient attendance management and implementation of duty roster.

Identity and Authentication

Secure identification and authentication of personnel/citizens through tamper-evident nonClonableID™ cards.

Property Registration

Authentication-based security of registered documents and e-Governance solution to address structural inefficiencies and create a transparent property transaction eco-system.

Currency Security

Enhanced currency security through the application of nonClonableID™ feature in currency notes. Anytime, anywhere e-authentication of currency notes using Bilcare readers thus enabling quick and simple detection of originals & counterfeits at multiple places in real-time.


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