Security Solutions for Pharma Packaging

Counterfeit plaguing pharmaceutical profit, image and patient health

pharmaThe World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to 1 per cent of medicines available in the developed world are likely to be counterfeit. This figure rises to 10 per cent globally, but in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America counterfeit goods can form up to 30 per cent of the market. The WHO estimates that 50 per cent of medicines available from unsolicited online websites are counterfeit, in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America counterfeit medical goods can form up to 30% of the market. INTERPOL Storm meeting looks to enhance investigative expertise in pharmaceutical crime. According to Outsourcing Pharma citing the European Commission, 75% of counterfeit drugs supplied world over have some origins in India, followed by 7% from Egypt and 6% from China. Brand Protection is central to any brand and organizational value, while beholding its image and avoiding revenue and reputation loss. Counterfeit is a growing problem that affects almost all sectors, including pharmaceuticals; further, organization need to develop strategies to face these external threats and this where- Bilcare’s cloud based authentication /anti-counterfeit technology (ACF Technology), which would be savoir to both pharma brand owners and patients

Today, there are myriads of anti-counterfeit measures –covert, overt, material based, print technology, hologram, forensic science and digital track and trace. Profit margin for counterfeit medicine is so high that counterfeiters are constantly circumventing these measures – which call for new generation digital technology- which is not only fool proof, comprehensive but integrated with all stakeholders -addressing patient safety and most importantly is easy to use by consumers.
Future is now:
Bilcare technology aims to be the Leading Provider of Comprehensive Solutions for Brand Protection and Direct Consumer Connect, significantly improving brand security, consumer awareness and confidence. Bilcare Technologies is a research and technology leader focused on creating nextgeneration brand protection anti-counterfeiting solutions. It is a business unit of Bilcare Ltd. – an innovation-led solutions provider that partners with the global pharmaceutical and varied industries for brand protection. Bilcare Technologies developing intelligent business solutions in the authentication, brand protection and security solutions space and has globally applied for 65 patents. nonClonableID™ incorporates unique fingerprint and digital signature which is prohibitively difficult to copy. Authentication process of the security features incorporated in the tag can be verified using Bilcare’s Mobile App running on standard smartphone
Presentation talks about:
Presentation of Mr. Mohan Bhandari talks about comprehensive packaging security solutions for the pharmaceuticals, which encompasses counterfeit as well safety and compliance ecosystem. Bilcare legacy material science, print technology and countless overt and covert brand security features with block buster products like – Patina, Protect, Spectra, micro, UV light, flexo print has won many accolade and customer hearts through its Optima™ research and Brandpak™ design.
These innovations has not only led to brand security, anti-counterfeit solution, brand differentiation in a cluttered market but also catapulted to safety feature with Child Resistant (CR Foil) and Geriatric
patient packaging solutions. Further, embedded in its vision and mission and 5C program, Bilcare has also factored critical elements through packaging, such as- clear communications, compliance measures and sustainable/eco-friendly packaging.

Possibility Unlimited:
In this journey of evolution to revolution, Bilcare moved from films, foils basic offerings to innovative brand design solution, shelf life research consulting, to that of advanced print solutions, combination products, cold technology and now unveiled nCiD nonclonable next generation brand protection
technology. Even nCiD technology has evolved on its offerings, reach, reader type and technology platform and now going to unlock plethora of possibilities on integrated healthcare solutions. At the center of this technology- is cloud based platform/ IT back bone, which in future will facilitate communicating seamlessly across doctors, pharmaceuticals Cos, care giver, hospitals and insurance Cos., and most importantly, empowering patient to authenticate and comply to regime dosage, thereby ensuring robust safety and security ecosystem – opening up new possibilities and opportunities to our customers- who are well poised for packaging 3.0 offerings from Bilcare Basket.

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