Environmental achievements exceed Expectations: Sustainable Production of Pharma Blister Films

Environmental achievements exceed Expectations: Sustainable Production of Pharma Blister Films In 2013 Bilcare Research GmbH committed itself, to get its extensive environmental activities reviewed and rated by external environmental consultants following the European Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), European Regulation 1121/2009 EC.

EMAS is the most demanding of sustainable environmental management systems worldwide and contributes to the fact that enterprises using a standardized management system continuously improve their environmental achievements .The annual EMAS Environmental Declaration reports on the self-imposed environmental targets and their implementation. These reports are publicly accessible and validated by government-supervised, independent environmental consultants.

With the latest validated Environmental Declaration, dated June 23rd 2016, Bilcare Research GmbH reports for the fourth year in a row the achieved environmental targets. The production and refining process of mono and barrier films is very energy-intensive, therefore the main focus has been on improvement of the energy balance. The achievements of energy savings and efficiency improvements implemented since 2012 in Bötzingen are considerable:

In Bötzingen, the energy consumption per ton of pharma blister film decreased by 21% and the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 33%! „

This success has an immediate impact on the Carbon Footprint of our and our customers’ products.“ says Andreas Pfefferle, Business Head Pharma Packaging Innovations. „Furthermore we have succeeded in such a way to absorb the rising energy prices“.

Several projects implemented in the last few years also contributed to positive effects for the environment. In 2012 solar collectors which feed in the annual average of the energy for 61 twoperson households into the local power supply system were installed on the roof of the administrative building in Bötzingen.

Going forward, the company will continuously invest in new, environmental friendly technologies. A great example of this focus is the newest company vehicles ordered with a hybrid gear.

 About Bilcare Research

Bilcare Research PPI is a global leader in manufacturing and delivering packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s goal is to provide effective and affordable packaging that increases speed to market and overall drug quality. Bilcare’s broad product portfolio includes a wide range of specialty polymer films and aluminum foils, primarily used for the blister packaging of solid dosage pharmaceutical products. Bilcare Research PPI is part of Bilcare Research AG, which operates seven sites around the world. Bilcare Research AG is a global producer of rigid films and foils. For over 50 years, its manufacturing and product innovation activities have been focused on providing customer-centric solutions to the pharmaceutical sector, print and label industry as well as the security and credit card customers globally. The company employs approximately 1,200 people and has annual sales of EUR 300 Million

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Security Solutions for Pharma Packaging

Counterfeit plaguing pharmaceutical profit, image and patient health

pharmaThe World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to 1 per cent of medicines available in the developed world are likely to be counterfeit. This figure rises to 10 per cent globally, but in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America counterfeit goods can form up to 30 per cent of the market. The WHO estimates that 50 per cent of medicines available from unsolicited online websites are counterfeit, in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America counterfeit medical goods can form up to 30% of the market. INTERPOL Storm meeting looks to enhance investigative expertise in pharmaceutical crime. According to Outsourcing Pharma citing the European Commission, 75% of counterfeit drugs supplied world over have some origins in India, followed by 7% from Egypt and 6% from China. Brand Protection is central to any brand and organizational value, while beholding its image and avoiding revenue and reputation loss. Counterfeit is a growing problem that affects almost all sectors, including pharmaceuticals; further, organization need to develop strategies to face these external threats and this where- Bilcare’s cloud based authentication /anti-counterfeit technology (ACF Technology), which would be savoir to both pharma brand owners and patients

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Bilcare Research Segregates Pharma-Related Production Operations

UntitledBilcare Research Inc., a division of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of blister packaging solutions, has begun segregating pharma-related production operations from those servicing other industries at its Wilmington, DE facility. The decision showcases Bilcare‘s commitment to the pharmaceutical sector amid growing customer demand and heightened quality control expectations.
Part of the global Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation (PPI) Business Unit of Bilcare Research AG,   Bilcare Research offers a variety of mono and barrier blister films to the pharmaceutical packaging industry.  In addition to manufacturing pharmaceutical blister films, the company also produces products for other business units of the company.

With growing customer demand and a steadily increasing market share in the pharmaceutical films sector, Bilcare’s effort to separate its PPI production and storage area from areas servicing other businesses has the purpose of clearly differentiating its production process along industry-specific lines.  The result is the ability to service all sectors more efficiently.


“We are dedicated to our pharmaceutical customers and this is just one more example of how,” said Kevin Stevens, President and Managing Director of Bilcare Research Inc. “Our strategy is to exceed our customers’ expectations in the quality of Bilcare’s products; the new plant layout shows our commitment and investment to that end. Packaging pharmaceutical products in an ideal fashion calls for a dedicated, siloed production environment throughout the supply chain, and we aim to set the bar high toward that goal.”

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Bilcare Research Blister Packing

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Bilcare cost-effectively scales for Business Growth


Bilcare Research Cost-Effectively Scales for Business Growth with Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Integrated Virtualization

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Virtualization Helps Bilcare Optimize IT Resources


How a dose of virtualization helped Bilcare Research optimize its IT resources.

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Shrinking backup data by more than 90 percent with solutions from symantec


Bilcare Ltd.
shrinking Backup Data by more than 90 Percent with solutions from Symantec

Bilcare  is  a  full-service  pharmaceutical  development  company  headquartered in Pune, India, with offices and manufacturing facilities spread across 4 continents in the globe. To centralize data protection and enable efficient, WAN-based  backups  from  remote  locations,  it  turned  to  solutions  from Symantec. Results include a 91 to 94 percent reduction in overall backup data with deduplication and compression, sixfold faster recoveries with disk-to-disk backups, a twofold improvement in backup and restore success rates, and a 96 percent reduction in storage management time.

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Gandhian Engineering is not just for the poor

October 14, 2008 9:45 am. I arrive at the NCL office in Pune. I have planned to be a little early for my meeting with Dr. R. A. Mashelkar. It will give me time to set up my
equipment and get ready for interviewing Dr. Mashelkar. Just as I get down from my car, Dr. Mashelkar arrives too. His broad smile welcomes me even before his warm
greetings. “I decided to come a few minutes early, to finish some work. That way we will not be interrupted during our discussion.”

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Nanotechnology: Enabling a Revolution in Nanomedicine

Fifty years after US physicist and Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman predicted “There is plenty of room at the bottom”, nanotechnology, the science of matter on the scale of atoms, has arrived with a bang and is beginning to impact all aspects of our society and all industrial sectors (for reference 1nm=1 billionth of a metre; a piece of paper is 100,000 nanometres thick).  Read more >

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The Symbiotic Relationship of Big Pharma and Biotech

The biotech industry is perceived as the “little guy” in the overall scheme of delivering new medicines. Biotech companies are small and lack resources but are portrayed as quick and agile. They are thought of as decisive, not bureaucratic; scientifically smart, not stuck-in-the-mud. Big Pharma are contrasted as slow Goliaths. Read more >

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